Practice Fire Safety While Grilling This Memorial Day Weekend

The Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue has a list of helpful tips for you.

Whether you're this Memorial Day weekend, or going out of town, make sure your weekend stays fun for everyone by following some simple fire and grill safety regulations and recommendations.

The Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue put together a list of helpful tips about using grills and smokers.


  • County code Section 9.1-45 prohibits the use and storage of any device that uses flammable substances on a balcony. Flammable substances include things like gasoline, charcoal lighter, liquefied petroleum gas and propane.
  • Use grills or smokers within 15 feet of any apartment, condominium or other building or structure.
  • Stay with your grill and smoker while using it.

Grill Safety Tips

  • Use long-handled tools to keep your hands at a safe distance from the heat and flames while grilling. 
  • To keep built-up grease or fat from catching fire from the heat of the grill, periodically check and empty the trays below the grill.
  • Keep others away from the grill by setting up a three foot safety zone around the grill or smoker while it is in use and during the cool down period. 
  • Dispose of hot ashes in metal containers only.

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