MMA Fighters "Bring It" to Manassas Park's Danger Zone Event

Danger Zone's second event in Manassas Park delivered 12, action-packed bouts on Saturday night at the community center.

Quick Results from The Danger Zone presents, "BRING IT"

1 Kelly Quinn defeats Pat Morris

Rd 1 1:10 Sub Rear Naked Choke (RNC)

2. Josh Trainor defeats Albert Benjamin

Rd 1 0.18 Sub RNC

3. Darryn Messersmith defeats Wayne Cephas

Rd 2 1:13 Technical Knock Out

4. Andrew "The Tank" Murray defeats Eric "Country Boy" Hughson

Unanimous Decision

5. Kevin Marks defeats Joe Lahair

Grappling Match

RD1 MARKS Triangle Choke


6. Tacuma Robinson defeats Francisco Armodo Montoya

Rd 1 1:08 TKO

7. Sean Bennett defeats Nick Weaver

Unanimous Decision

8. Justin "Tangerine" Bartlett defeats Steve Buchman

Rd 2 1:02 TKO

9. Greg Lyman defeats Ryan Grigsby

Rd 1 0:46 TKO

10. Billy "THE BULL" Miller defeats Matt Dudding

Rd 1 1:05 Sub RNC

11. Joe "The Grim" Slaughter defeats Travis Davidson

Rd 1 1:31 Sub Guillotine

12. Gustevio Keisler defeats Dezmond Chaviera

Rd 1 1:37 Sub RNC



UFC Legend Dan Severn brought another action-packed event to Manassas Park Saturday, where the city's community center was packed with fight fans enjoying the show.

From the ring of the opening bell to the end of the fight, fans were not disappointed as they watched fighters from Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania test each other in the cage.

Kelly Quinn quickly took the back of Pat Morris in the night's first bout, and after a minute of ground-and-pound action, he sank in the rear, naked choke (RNC) to get the submission. If the first bout was quick, then the second was a, "don't blink" affair. Josh Trainor sank in a RNC of his own in just 18 seconds.

The third tilt was a little less lopsided with Wayne Cephas putting in a competitive first round, but getting pounded out in the second by Darryn Messersmith.

The big men took to the cage and Andrew Murray proved that good cardio tops great skills as fight go to deep water. Eric Hughson showed he had better wrestling right from the start, but Murray relentlessly fought back to his feed and defended takedowns and Hughson started to slow his pace. Murray soon took control and won a unanimous decision.

The entertainment continued with impressive performances by Evolve MMA's Tacuma Robinson, Justin "Tangerine" Bartlett and Billy "The Bull" Miller. The main event didn't last long, as Dezmond Chaviera looked as if he wanted to stand and bang, but couldn't stop the takedowns of Gusevio Keisler. Keisler started off with top control and some brutal ground and pound and then wrapped it up in the first round with a rear naked choke.

The evening moved quickly and aside from a few of the fights being one-sided blow outs, the event delivered plenty of action. Dan Severn posed with fans and signed autographs and TUF alumni Zach Davis chatted with fans in between coaching his Evolve MMA teammates.

Northern Virginia fans wanting more MMA won't have to wait long as  Operation Octagon returns to Dulles SporstPlex in Sterling for another night of fights on Saturday.

Jaime Day October 17, 2011 at 10:57 PM
sucked! ref was calling fuights way too early! not worth 25!!
Jamie M. Rogers (Editor) October 18, 2011 at 01:07 AM
You didn't like the event Jaime? How many people showed up to watch the event?
Jim Kirkland October 18, 2011 at 01:37 AM
There were more than last time, but I didn't get a head count. Close to 400 would be my best guess. I didn't see any fighters complain of late stoppages. Which fight do you feel was stopped too soon?


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