Manassas Park Schools Closed a Third Day Due to Outages

Six power lines are down behind the campus of the two elementary schools.

Manassas Park City Schools will be closed for a third day because of downed power lines near two of its four schools, Dr. Bruce McDade, superintendent of schools said Tuesday afternoon.

Six powerlines are down behind Cougar and Manassas Park Elementary schools located on Cougar Court on the east said of the city. 

As a result classes are also canceled at Manassas Park Middle and High Schools.

The repairs are expected to be completed at 8:14 a.m. Wednesday for homes in the area that also do not have power, but the repairs will take longer than that for the schools,Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative officials said. 

Children won't have to make up the school days, McDade said. At this point there are enough weather days built into the school division calendar, he said. 


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