Manassas Park High Swim Meet Results

This is the second year for the Manassas Park High swim team.

The Manassas Park High swim team participated in a double-dual meet against
Strasburg High School (SHS) and William Monroe High School (WMHS) on Saturday at the Manassas Park Community Center.

Here are the results:

Combined Scores
WMHS 116 to MPHS 69
SHS 100 to MPHS 81
WMHS 115.5 to SHS 68.5

WMHS 49 to MPHS 42
SHS 60 to MPHS 33
SHS 46.5 to WMHS 45.5

WMHS 67 to MPHS 27
MPHS 48 to SHS 40
WMHS 70 to SHS 22

Boys 200 yard Medley Relay—3rd place: Ponsart, Naddoni, Sheard, Glidewell
Girls 200 yard Medley Relaty—2nd place: Williams, Wence, Campbell, Lindsay

Boys 200 yard Freestyle— 3rd place: Glidewell
Girls 200 yard Freestyle— 3rd place: Campbell

Boys 200 yard IM—3rd place: Sheard
Girls 200 yard IM—3rd place: Xu

Girls 50 yard Freestyle—2nd place: Lindsay, 3rd place: Williams

Boys 100 yard Butterfly— 2nd place: Smith, D.; 3rd place: Sheard
Girls 100 yard Butterfly—3rd place: Meza-Rodriguez

Boys 500 yard Freestyle—3rd place: Ponsart
Girls 500 yard Freestyle—2nd place: Lindsay

Boys 200 yard Freestyle Relay—3rd place: Browne, Mullins, May, Gonzalez
Girls 200 yard Freestyle Relay—3rd place: Sotelo, Meza-Rodriguez, Wence,

Boys 100 yard Backstroke—3rd place: Smith, T.
Girls 100 yard Backstroke—3rd place: Sotelo

Boys 100 yard Breaststroke—1st place: Smith, D.; 3rd place: Hanggi
Girls 100 yard Breaststroke—2nd place: Xu

Boys 400 yard Freestyle Relay—3rd place:Sheard, Smith, T., Ponsart,
Smith, D.
Girls 400 yard Freestyle Relay—2nd place:Williams, Xu, Campbell, Lindsay


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