Where to Vote in Manassas Park Today

Manassas Park polling spots for voters.

City residents will be heading to the polls today to select a U.S. President, a senator, a representative and three city council members and it is highly important that they head to the correct places to make these selections.

Residents must go to their assigned precinct to vote. You will not be allowed to vote in any precinct other than the one you have been assigned.

Find your polling place by entering your street address on the Virginia State Board of Elections' Find Your Polling Place and Representatives Web page.

Voters who are unsure of where to vote can contact the City of Manassas Park Voter Registar's office at 703-335-8806 or by visiting the office in the Manassas Park City Hall.

Manassas Park has just two voting precincts:

Precinct 1- Manassas Park High School
8200 Euclid Ave.

Precinct 2 - Manassas Park Community Center
99 Adams St., Manassas Park


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