RA To Conduct Community Survey

Reston Association will ask randomly selected members for feedback.

How do you think Reston Association is doing?

Now is your chance to offer your opinion on whether the organization is adequately serving the needs of its members.

RA is conducting a community survey. Beginning this week,  RA will send out 3,000 questionnaires to randomly selected households and renters in Reston.

The purpose of the survey, the first comprehensive community-wide survey conducted by RA, is to help the board of directors set community and budget priorities and to learn more of what residents think about the association and Reston, an RA spokeswoman says.

 What could RA be doing better? Are you satisifed with the association? What are some of your concerns? Tell us in the comments.

Karen Goff January 08, 2013 at 04:12 PM
Good point. I will mention that to the Communications Director who put out that info. And, of course, correct the story.
John Lovaas January 08, 2013 at 07:51 PM
It has been a while since the Association did the recreation survey. This one appears to be broader in scope, asking the membership to assessi RA's s strengths and weaknesses. Based on what I hear from my neighbors and people around the community, the survey will find a mixed bag--some areas of genuine excellence serving the community well indeed, some providing solid, generally reliable service, all the way to elements who have forgotten what service means altogether. If done professionally with integrity, the survey could be beneficial to the Board of Directors and the community.
John Farrell January 08, 2013 at 08:59 PM
John The RA Recreation survey was done in 2005. It was very comprehensive. Since 2005, RA has added only 2000 additional members. And because of the Great Recession, turn-over among existing RA members has been diminimus. Therefore, the results of survey questions on recreation facility issues are not likely to change on recreational issues. Spending money to replicate those results instead of renovating RA ball fields and pools is a waste. So I was disappointed when I saw the large sum budgeted for RA to spend on another survey until Ken Knueven assured me that recreational facility issues would not be part of this latest survey. I agree with you there are some insights for us all to gain on other elements of RA's operations from a survey. At the same time, we all decry politicians who's policy positions are driven by poll results. There is a similar potential with an RA survey.
K2 January 09, 2013 at 10:28 PM
There may be many interpretations of my comment but I would like to see the RA have a modernization committee. I don't mean new people hired or a new building. And, I don't mean that I want to go contemporary-modern. What I mean is...for example - front doors in many of the clusters ((Yes, I realize much of this may be cluster-specific)), but in a few of the clusters around me, I'm sorry but some (not all) of the front doors are embarrassing. They are pure 1970 rundown apartment-looking vintage ghetto doors. Maybe...just maybe....I would love to see the RA take a role in maybe entering an agreement with a company like Pella and approve 10 styles and offer the community bulk discounts. Same goes with fencing companies or gutter companies...the list could go on forever. I'm thinking in the sense of "How can the RA make it easier for homeowners to maintain their properties, and thereby, help maintain Reston?" I DO NOT mean that the RA should recommend a company, and I don't want a contractor or company review blog, but, something that helps homeowners help themselves. I'm sorry, but the front door thing drives me crazy with the ghetto doors. I know exterior doors are expensive and I'm not trying to sound snobby, but please accept it as a sort of theoretical example of what more the RA could do.
Jack January 22, 2013 at 05:17 AM
Is RA still in the 1960's ? Send out online questionnaires to all residents who have email for almost free People who have emails , facebook or a patch account should exceed 3000 homes - right ? Does patch have online questionnaires ? If not can we request Patch to make one available ?


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