Mass Voter Registration Card Mailing Completed in Virginia

State Board of Election officials said they have completed the mailing of 4.6 million registration cards.

Virginia State Board of Election officials said they have completed the mailing of more than 4.6 million registration cards to Virginia voters. 

By this point, everyone who is a registered voter should have received their information in the mail; if they haven't, it could be due to undocumented changes or errors, officials said in a release this month.

A voter whose registration address is not current likely wouldn't have received a voter registration card in the mail.

Residents without voter registration cards should view their registration record at sbe.virginia.gov and make sure their information is updated. SBE officials said they should also note any polling place or precinct changes made because of redistricting.

Virginians have until Oct. 15 to update their registration information, if necessary, or, if unregistered, apply to register to vote.

Voters can also call the State Board of Election at 1-800-552-9745 or their local general registrar. If you live in Manassas Park, call the voter registar's office at 703-335-8806. If you live in Manassas, call the voter registar's office at 703-257-8230 to verify registration information and get information on how voters can update their registration information. 

Voter registration information can be updated in several ways:

  • Obtain a registration application at the State Board of Elections’ website for printing and mailing.
  • Visit the local general registrar’s office, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and other state-designated voter registration agencies and apply to register to vote or update their registration information.

When a registration application, change of registration address or name request is approved, the local general registrar will mail the voter a new registration card.

What do I need to vote?

In addition to a voter registration card, voters need one form of identification.

Forms of acceptable identification are:

A valid Virginia driver's license; military ID; any federal, Virginia state or local government-issued ID; an employer-issued photo ID card; a concealed handgun permit; a valid student ID issued by an institution of higher education in Virginia; a current utility bill, bank statement, government check or paycheck displaying the name and address of the voter; or a Social Security card.

Visit SBE.Virginia.gov to review the voter ID requirements, including special ID requirements for some first-time voters in a federal election who registered by mail.


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