Manassas Park Police to Send Officers to Obama Inaugration

The police department will send nine officers to help out with the security detail, Manassas Park Police Chief John Evans said.

Manassas Park Police are contributing to the massive security efforts for Monday's inauguration by sending officers to help out with patrolling in the capital.

The police department is sending nine officers to help D.C. police with their security detail, Manassas Park Police Chief John Evans said.

Their exact responsibilities and roles aren't known, as police in the district declined to go into details about their security efforts.

Manassas Park Police also helped out in 2009 and during the second inauguration of George W. Bush before that, Evans said.

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The agency always sends as many police officers as it can spare to the inauguration, he added.

The Manassas Park Police Department will receive a reimbursement for the officers' pay while they are in Washington, D.C, Evans said. 

Questions about what entity would reimburse the officers were not immediately answered by a D.C. Metropolitan Police spokeswoman.

Manassas Park Police will be joined by officers from other Northern Virginia jurisdictions such as Alexandria and Prince William County.

Manassas Police offered to send officers to help, but DC Metropolitan Police told the department they had enough, Manassas Police Lt. Lowell Nevill said.

Manassas Police did work with DC police during the 2009 inauguration, Nevill said.

While the total number of officers patrolling during the inauguration isn't released due to security reasons, U.S. National Guard officials have said that the agency is sending some 6,000 soldiers.

The soldiers and pilots will began arriving at the DC armory on Thursday, according to a ReadMedia release.


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