Letter: Councilman Bill Treuting Concedes to Jeanette Rishell

The former mayor, Councilman William "Bill" Treuting conceded defeat just after midnight Wednesday.


        I just saw the updated election report.  Even though I believe the absentee votes are still be tabulated, I wanted to congratulate you on your election to the Manassas Park City Council.  With you capturing 32% of the vote and my trailing the number three available seat by 200 votes, it is clear the people of Manassas Park are putting their faith in your desire for economic development, improvements in education, and reduction in taxes.

        My goal in this election was four more years to allow me to bring to fruition the economic development efforts that have been approved and being initiated.  These projects are critical to the financial future of Manassas Park.  We both share a desire to improve the city's economic position, support improvements to education, and continue to guarantee superlative public safety.

        I know that you will see the quality of the city's personnel and Department Directors who are not only outstanding in their respective skills but work together and complement each other in making everything they do a success.

        Over my last term, the Manassas Park Governing Body has worked so hard to initiate economic projects to make this a reality.  These collective projects are critical to returning the city's cash reserves to above 15%, providing increased funding for education and public safety, providing revenue to reduce taxes,  and bring the funding to improve the city's water and sewer system.  These projects are critical to not only the city's survival but to allowing the city to provide the environment that the citizens expect, deserve, and were the reason Manassas Park became a City.  I want to mention to you that I have advocated using the new revenue from the development projects to:  50% of the new revenue to reduce tax rate, 50% to divide using the city/school revenue sharing formula to support their respective needs, using the tap fees to upgrade and stabilize the city water and sewer system, and lastly using the proffer money to restore the city's fund balance.

        I thank the Citizens of Manassas Park for allowing me to serve them since 1997 and wish you success on the City Council.


William J. Treuting, Jr.

Jim Kirkland November 07, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Ouch. Let me truly thank you for your service to MP. I've seen the long hours and hard challenges all MP government officials face. I don't think any of you are mean spirited. You do your work out of a love for our community and for little recognition or compensation. We're not deciding gun laws or reproductive rights at the local level and democrats and republicans work hand in hand with the goal of making the Park the best place to live. You may disagree on how, but the goals are the same. Thanks again for your efforts.
Noel Montesa November 07, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Sorry to hear, but on my behalf and my family's, thank you for serving on the governing body these many years. It's sad that someone could thank you and insult you in one message, but I guess some folks just don't have any class. Regardless thank you and all I could have asked you was to do your best and I am confident you did that. Time to rest - take care.
MPSince03 November 07, 2012 at 05:20 PM
I have deleted the comment. Thanks for your service. I suppose the sarcasm of my original post was lost in translation.


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