Allen Campaign Responds to Kaine Comments

George Allen, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, responded to comments made by Senate contender Tim Kaine (D) at a roundtable at City Cafe this week in Manassas.

Former Virginia Gov. George Allen's campaign camp had some pointed responses to statements made by U.S. Senate candidate and former

“Tim Kaine talks a lot about building a ‘talent economy’ on the campaign trail, but as governor he made significant cuts to state support for higher education, the cost of tuition rose and college was made less affordable for countless families and students," Bill Riggs, Allen's campaign said Thursday in a written statement. 

"The truth is, as governor and in Washington as President Obama’s hand-picked partisan Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tim Kaine has consistently championed policies that hurt families and small businesses and make America less competitive. 

George Allen envisions a better future with pro-jobs-growth policies that empower small businesses to invest, expand and hire, and he’s the only candidate in this race with a plan to get our economy back on track.” 

Isaac Cohen February 24, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Allen did nothing as Senator except vote to increase the nation debt under Bush. He has no new ideas. He's hooked on the party line that dumps on immigrants and makes the atmosphere unwelcome. Who would want to come to VA to work and raise a family and get educated if you hear all this talk about "invasion" and "alien hordes"? Allen never did anything to discourage this kind of talk becuase he was either a coward or he agreed with them. The whole Maccaca incident leads me to believe that he agrees with them
Vasquez2 February 28, 2012 at 02:03 AM
"Allen did nothing as Senator except to vote to increase the nation debt under Bush". I'm so relieved it hasn't increased under Obama...oh,...wait a sec..." I have to admit, Kaine was a hard worker (for the DNC, that is) "He's hooked on the party line that dumps on immigrants"...uh...you mean ILLEGAL immigrants...big dif Isaac..."Who would want to come to VA to work and raise a family with all this talk about "alien hordes"...people who are here legally Isaac, people who are tired of seeing entire city blocks go from decent middle class neighborhoods to places where every house has 8 cars parked out front (or in the yard). Just this year...4 families have moved into my neighborhood...guess where they came from ISAAC....MARYLAND!!! They're sick of a state govt. that panders to to an illegal population. Allen is NOT anti-immigrant, he's anti ILLEGAL immigrant. You conveniently leave that word out of your arguments because, in a lawful society (or what's left of one anyway) being here ILLEGALLY is a crime (and it invalidates your arguement). If Allen makes the atmosphere unwelcome for illegals, he'll have my vote all day long. Those of us who've come here LEGALLY are tired of taking the hit (and dirty looks) on account of the law breakers. Sadly, I understand why folks are angry. I'm one of them. If it's a "welcome" atmosphere for illegals you're looking for....take 66east to 495 n....and keep going. Please.


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