Voters Pass All Four Fairfax County Bond Referenda

The bonds passed with majorities of about 70 percent or more.

Fairfax County residents voted to approve all four bond referenda on the Tuesday's ballot by wide margins.

Final unofficials results from the Virginia State Board of Elections show that about 70 percent of county voters approved of a $25 million bond that will go towards the construction of a new library in Reston and the renovations of three more within the county. 

More than 72 percent of voted approved of a $75 million bond that will used to fund widespread improvements to a number of county parks.

Nearly 75 percent of county voters also said "yes" to a $55 million public safety bond that will fund new facilities for the county's fire department and renovations in the county courthouse.

And about 78 percent of voters approved of a $30 million bond that will fund levees and a pumping station to assist the flood-prone Huntington neighborhood.


Fairfax County residents went to the polls Tuesday, to vote on a number of county bond referenda for parks, libraries and more.

Ten million dollars of the $25 million library bond will be allocated for construction of a new Reston Regional Library. The remaining money will go towards renovations for Pohick Regional LibraryJohn Marshall Library, and Tysons-Pimmit Regional Library.

The $75 million park bond, if approved by voters, will help pay for improvements to many county parks. Of the total, $63 million will go the Fairfax County Park Authority, and $12 million will pay for the county's share of costs to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority

A $55 million public safety bond would pay to rebuild three fire stations and renovate 22 courtrooms in the Fairfax County Courthouse.

Finally, the $30 million stormwater bond would pay to build a levee and pumping station to protect the Huntington neighborhood from flooding.

Patch will update these results as they come in Tuesday night. 


Library Bond Percent "Yes" Percent "No" Fairfax County 69.99 30.01 Park Bond Percent "Yes" Percent "No" Fairfax County 72.09 27.91 Public Safety Bond Percent "Yes" Percent "No" Fairfax County 74.5 25.5 Stormwater Bond Percent "Yes" Percent "No" Fairfax County 76.7 23.3
the-stix November 07, 2012 at 08:12 PM
A good cause is all that it takes for most Dem admins to borrow and spend money. They seem never to consider that building a new library or or firehouse could (and should) wait a few years until economic times are better. And voters are no different it seems.
T Ailshire November 07, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Not just Dem admins. I've only lived here 10 years, but I've noticed the voters never met a bond issue they didn't like, which only encourages the Board of Supervisors to keep putting them on the ballot.
Keithustus November 08, 2012 at 09:09 AM
the-stix, borrowing money when interest rates are low is much cheaper than borrowing and building when they're high. Doing the same projects in a few years would be more expensive, even ignoring additional degradation over time. Economically, now (or a few years ago) is the best time to do these projects. Whether undertaking the projects is wise is a different question.
Terp November 08, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Debt is bad? Capitalism is built on borrowing. Businesses borrow every day with short- and long-term debt. Virtually everyone that buys a house does so with a mortgage. The automotive industry would be tiny if consumers couldn't finance cars. It would be unreasonable to expect governments to pay for something in one fiscal year that will be used over 20 or 30 years. Then the debt gets paid back over time with taxes. What is dishonest about that?
the-stix November 09, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Are you saying Fairfax County can not wait to build new firehouses and libraries because of the fear that future interest rates will be higher? If so, that must assume that the economy will remain stagnant and our ability to pay future higher rates will be no better (or worse) than today. Where is the County justification for this dire need for immediate spending? This falls in the category of a "nice to have" in this sluggish economic environment, as far as I am concerned. But then libraries and firehouse are a “good cause” at any time.. who can say no, especially since someone else will pay the bill in the future anyway? .


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