Council Approves $41,000 In Funds for City IT Systems Upgrade

Servers that handle the city's operations are running out of storage space and capacity.

Manassas Park City Council approved the use of $41,000 of capital projects funds to upgrade some of the city's technology equipment. 

City staff said backup battery powered equipment needs to be installed in the city's  information technology department in city hall. Installation of a three-phase UPS unit costs about $6,000.

Another $35,000 is needed to purchase new hardware and software for the city's IT department, according to city documents.  The current servers are  at capacity and an increase in storage space is needed to handle the city's operating files.

If the servers aren't upgraded, then there may be periodic failures that could effect all the city's departments.

City council voted unanimously to authorize the appropriation of a supplemental appropriation from the capital projects fund to the information technology capital budget.

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