City Gets $425,000 to Build Euclid Avenue Sidewalk

VDOT awards the city of Manassas Park more than $400,000 through its Safe Routes to School program.

A much-needed sidewalk that residents and city officials have awaited for months will be built, thanks to award money from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

 The city of Manassas Park is set to receive a $425,000 award from VDOT's Safe Routes to School program to build a sidewalk along Euclid Avenue.

The sidewalk will extend from Blooms Quarry Road to Manassas Park Middle School, according to a Feb. 6 award letter from VDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator Robert J. Williams addressed to city manager Jim Zumwalt.

The news quickly spread to school officials and parents who expressed their joy over the project with a loud applause at _

Since last spring, Manassas Park Governing Body members, city staff and school officials have spoken of the need for a sidewalk along Euclid Avenue near the two schools.

Residents said where they can easily be struck by a passing vehicle.

The application process began in April with city and schools employees asking for feedback and opinions from the community about a travel plan for the proposed project.

VDOT later accepted the city’s travel plan and, after a slight delay caused by a backlog in the department, chose the Manassas Park project from a pool of applicants.

The purpose of the program and grant money is to provide a safe and easily accessible way for children to walk and bike to schools.





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