Suspect in Shooting of Manassas Park Man Appears in Court

Jamie Lee Hunter is charged in the Oct. 12 shooting of a 22-year-old Manassas Park man. Two other men are also charged.

A 22-year-old Manassas Park man who was shot five times last October testified in a Manassas courtroom Wednesday that he fears for his life.

Jamie Lee Hunter, 27, appeared in a Manassas courtroom Wednesday for a preliminary and probable cause hearing on several charges he faces in connection with the Oct. 12 shooting. The case against Hunter is scheduled to be heard by a grand jury next month. He is charged with malicious wounding, maliciously shooting at an occupied vehicle, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and assault and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Rick Conway called several witnesses to testify Wednesday, including the 22-year-old victim in the shooting who told the court he now fears for his life.

The victim was shot five times in the early morning hours while he was sitting in his car in the Westgate subdivision in Manassas. The victim told the court he drove to the area in a borrowed Honda Accord to pick up a friend who he only knew as ”Rob.”

The victim told Hunter’s attorney, Roman Brian, that while he was waiting for Rob, a woman he didn’t know, who was dressed as a man, approached the car and began speaking very quickly.

The woman got in the car with him and continued talking. That’s when he noticed movement outside of the rear of the car, the victim told the court.

The man said a third person opened the passenger door and began shooting over the woman and at him, striking him three times in the right leg, once in the femur and once in the groin.

The victim said he managed to drive himself to the hospital where he was admitted for several days and underwent surgery.

The victim acknowledged that a Prince William County Police report states there was a 380 pistol and drugs found in his car, but denied selling drugs or possessing the weapon.

"Rob" was never identified or located by authorities.

Andre Waters, who is also charged in connection with the Oct. 12 shooting, took the stand Wednesday and told the court he didn’t know who shot the victim, but said he was at the scene during the incident.

Waters told the court he was asleep on his couch in Herndon when his cousin, Marcus Bushrod, who is also charged in the case, asked if he wanted to go buy marijuana.

Waters agreed and the two got in his burgundy Chevrolet Impala and picked up Hunter at a home in Herndon. The trio also picked up a woman who “looked like a dude” in Manassas, Waters said. He’d never met Hunter or the woman, Waters added.

The woman gave him directions to Westgate where everyone but him left the car, Waters said. A short while later, he spotted Hunter and the woman “power walking” toward him and his car, Waters said.

When he inquired about Bushrod’s whereabouts, Hunter and the woman told him not to worry about it and that they had to leave quickly, Waters told the court.

At some point, undercover PWC officer David Ehrhadt walked up to Waters' car with his gun drawn and pulled the woman out.

PWC Office C.L Miller, who responded to the scene after Ehrhadt, testified that he saw three people in the car, including a man he later identified as Hunter.

The officer said he noticed Hunter kept hopping from the front to the back seat of the car, as if he was trying to conceal something. Hunter then hopped out of the car and he gave chase, Miller said.

The two slipped and fell on wet grass and Hunter got up and shoved the officer in his chest before eventually being caught, Miller said.

Authorities said Bushrod was later apprehended, but no one knows the whereabouts of the woman.

PWC crime scene specialist Andrea Feldman told the court that a semi-automatic Glock 40-caliber gun was recovered from Waters’ Impala, along with a fanny pack with a box containing 38 cartridges. Authorities said a full box would contain 50 cartridges.

The casings found in the victim’s Honda matched the Glock 40, she said.

Waters remains on bond in connection with the shooting. He and Bushrod are scheduled to appear in district court on their charges Feb. 22.

Hunter was also charged with possession with intent to distribute and resisting arrest, but Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Rick Conway declined to prosecute the charges.

Hunter was also charged with being a violent felon in possession of a firearm, but those charges were dismissed Wednesday because of missing paperwork. Conway said he expects to bring that charge before the grand jury on March 5 once the paperwork is in order.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney's Office intends to try all three suspects separately.


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