City Seeking Donations,Participants in Upcoming Light Parade

Manassas Park's Light Parade is slated to take place on Dec. 10

The City of Manassas Park is looking to outdo itself this year by planning the biggest ever light parade.

Riding off the success of the city’s Trunk-or-Treat event on Oct. 31, which had  some 200 more attendees than last year, police and the city's Department of Parks and Recreation have already delved into planning the Dec. 10 parade, Manassas Park Police Community Resource Officer William “Quiz” Quesenberry said.

 He’s looking for people to donate specialized vehicles, decorated floats and trucks to help out with this year’s Light Parade, Quesenberry said.

The city is also looking for the following items for donation:

Golf carts

Entry forms can be found at the and must be submitted to parks and recreation employees by Dec. 7.

Any holiday character can be included on parade floats— except Santa Claus, city officials stressed. .

There will be only one Santa in the parade and he will be with the department of parks and recreation and no one else. Holiday music is encouraged, but participants must note its inclusion on the submitted applications.

 Floats and walking units must have lights and include the name of an organization or sponsor. Batteries and generators are recommended; generators must be mounted securely with at least 12 inches separating it from combustible material on the float.

Alcohol isn’t permitted in the parade and candy can’t be thrown from the floats. Walkers, however, can walk alongside the float and pass out candy and other goods.

People riding on the float must be seated or holding a handrail while the float is moving.

For more information email Quesenberry or parks and recs supervisor Tony Thomas.



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