Charges Dropped Against Man Accused of Operating a Brothel

Shane Taylor says he and his wife were only hosting swinger parties in their upper-middle class home.

Shane Taylor said he’s spent the last several months trying to live down shame and restore his smeared name after he was arrested andout of his upper-middle class home in Manassas.   

Taylor was charged with pandering and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, but prosecutors dropped those charges months after his November 2010 arrest by Manassas City Police, Prince William County District Court documents show.

Taylor said it was a case of mistaken intentions—he was not running a brothel, but hosting swinger parties, Taylor said.

There were never prostitutes hanging around his house and no men ever approached him about where to find them, Taylor said this week while standing on the porch of his home overlooking a manicured lawn.

Police made him out to be a "pimp," Taylor said.

“It was like I had a Cadillac with Zebra interior and spinners" on the tires, Taylor said.

He just wants people to know he’s not those things, Taylor added.  

 Taylor said his neighbors that used to speak to him now give him the "stink eye."

At the time of his arrest, some of his neighbors told TV news media outlets that the Taylors never caused any trouble in the neighborhood, but neighbors said they did notice there were frequently visitors, Taylor said.

“They said they just thought we were popular,” he said.

The couple hosted swinger parties for about two years, but no longer do so, he added.

“It was a party, you know, we had food and drink,” Taylor said.

Guests would donate money to help with the costs and leave it in envelopes with their email addresses, so they’d know who to thank, Taylor said.

 At the time of his arrest, police said Taylor's wife called the police and told them Taylor was operating a brothel, but Taylor said someone called the police impersonating his wife and lied.

 Taylor said he uses Google to search his name and finds it frustrating that the charges still pop up.

 As part of his mission to clear his name, he’s contacted the media outlets who originally reported his arrest and told them his charges are now dismissed.

 He remains upset because police told the media he had surveillance equipment at his house as if he was a drug dealer, Taylor said.

He and his wife have the equipment for protection because their jobs take them away from home,  he said.

Lesley S. June 30, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I live out of state now, but my husband and I used to attend the parties in Manassas. Sadly we stopped when we heard the trouble because we did not want any publicity. And deleted all emails from that couple to distance ourselves. My husband is in a very high profile job and we panicked. But I can say I NEVER saw any evidence of prostitution, the parties were always upscale catered events, very classy, and really geared for the elite in NOVA. You would be surprised to see the judges, cops, politicians,NFL players, etc that you may run into there. The ex mayor of a certain local city was a frequent guest and great guy to talk to. They were VERY discreet, and ran a perfect lifestyle party. I am ashamed that I did not wait to see if the charges were true, I like most everyone else just assumed that cops don't arrest you for no reason, but I guess it does happen sometimes. We lost 2 great friends (The host and hostess) and I am sure they will not forgive me or the hundreds of other attendees we chose to slip back into the shadows instead and turn our collective backs instead of Support them. I wish them the best, and if there is some sort of fund I can donate to please let me know, I would like to donate to the defense fund that I am sure cost them a lot. It is the least I can do after abandoning two people I considered good friends. I am very sorry.
Krissy Summers August 31, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Natassia, I think your comments are simply a judgement call on your behalf and possibly based on ignorance. Consenting adults have the right to 'swing' in the privacy of their own home and apparently these people had not encountered any problems with this for years. It was a waste of police time when they could be out arresting real criminals (or swinging themselves) and waste of tax payers money. 'Adultery' could also be argued as simply a religious belief and just because you believe it is wrong or your bible says it is a sin does not make that a 'common belief or truth'. Exactly what harm were they causing to the community, their neighbours were not even aware of what was going on in the privacy of their own home. Finally, what to you have against sex workers...and on what grounds would you base these on, more uninformed preconceived ideas or just more negative moral judgements that are no doubt also unfounded?
Alice September 04, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Krissy, don't pay any attention to Natassia. I have found in my lifetime that self righteous individuals that spend their time condemning others are the ones with felonies, illegitimate children and or substance abuse problems. People like that have this notion that they are better than everyone else. They tout their morality to cover up the fact that they are the dredge of the Earth. I've seen it so many times.
Dale Stockmark October 08, 2012 at 05:26 PM
I wish they had their parties again,for those who did not know, they were very upscale, classy affairs, Meet & Greet sessions where you could mingle with like minded people, nothing wrong, immoral or illegal about that! Now since they are no longer having these parties, the people who have filled in the gap are ghetto or trailer trash. Not the classy upscale parties my wife and I are used to. We got spoiled with S&S's parties. With the exception of Las Vegas, I have never seen a more classy venue. They are SORELY missed. No one in their neighborhood looked down on them UNTIL they found out through the media what was going on! Now they are outcasts in their own neighborhood and flirt monthly with the idea of moving. It has been rough on them. By the way, SHAME on you "Lesley" for abandoning a pair of friends, I think I know you, and for you to bail on then, when they needed support was really low. You really know who your friends are when something like this happens. When grown people get together for fun, and are not doing anything illegal, are not smoking dope, and are grown, consenting adults in the privacy of their own home-LET THEM DO AS THEY WISH. My two cents.....Dale
Kevin November 04, 2012 at 12:12 PM


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