1-Year Anniversary of Manassas Park Student's Death

It's been one year since the death of Manassas Park High School student Katherine "Momo" Morales. She died in a car crashed linked to outages caused by Hurricane Irene.

It's been one year since the death of 15-year-old Manassas Park High School student

Katherine died in a car crash on Aug. 27 2011 in Goldsboro, NC. Her family was traveling through the small town as they family headed home from a vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC as Hurricane Irene move through the area.

Family members said a driver ran an out-of-service traffic light and struck the sports utility vehicle Katherine was traveling inside with seven others. 

North Carolina authorities said the traffic light probably would have been operational if not for Hurricane Irene's high winds and rain. 

Katherine's sudden death left the Manassas Park community reeling with grief.

of the girl they affectionately called "Momo."

In the wake of her death, an all night vigil at her church and a candlelight memorial service was

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