A Differing Point of View: Deficits are Created

Budget deficits just don't happen - they are deliberatly created mostly for political gain.

All governmental budgets are made by people: your neighbors, maybe a relative or two, and elected officials. For the budget  to operate the Federal Government, a macro view is fairly straightforward.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), with the approval of the President issues a budget guidance memoranda to all the agencies of the Federal Government including the Supreme Court and Federal Court system. This guidance is a target amount of funds that may be allowed to be spent for the forthcoming year.  Each agency then develops and submits their budget request to back to OMB. OMB assembles all the budget requests  and develops a proposed Presidential Budget submission for the President’s Approval. That budget includes an estimate of where the money must come from; e.g., taxes, etc.

Thus, the President has decision authority to create a deficit when he submits his budget to the Congress to appropriate. He can do this in the budget guidance memorandum and when the OMB assembles his budget for submission to Congress. That is where budget deficits are developed. Of course, the Congress can appropriate more or less money than the President requests. Still, The President must sign or veto the appropriation bills passed by the Congress.

Another political action group (PAC) [Priorities USA] recently mailed out a flyer encouraging  voters to call their congressman and senators to support the President’s “plan to responsibly cut the deficit.”

The message promotes the morally corrupt class-warfare; i.e., tax the rich and protect the middle class. Somewhere in there the president has determined what the “fair share” is. Sadly, the very class he proposes to protect got a big part of the largest tax increase ever imposed on all Americans  in our nation’s history and we all will pay the price.

Bottom line: The President has created the deficit and he alone bears the responsibility to eliminate it. It has been three years since the Congress has passed a budget. Send President Obama an email or give the White House a call reminding him of his responsibilities.  

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petem January 09, 2013 at 06:16 PM
Is this article a joke??? I had to check my calendar and make sure it wasn't April 1st. Who approved this to be published? Spot on John Farrel... "Of course, the Congress can appropriate more or less money than the President requests." Then how is this solely Obama's fault? Congress can make any changes they want to a budget....so exactly the statement made: Why hasn't congress passed a budget in 3 years? The extreme right-wing & tea party will say no to anything and everything proposed by the the president. Just look at the Hagel nomination....Obama selected a Republican and still he's getting push back from the GOP (grossly outdated party). It's time congress takes responsibility for a share of this deficit.
Jack Kenny January 10, 2013 at 06:36 AM
Perhaps farell and petem are still in highshcool..you didn't read the the flyer sent out by Priorities USA, 1718 M Sreet, NW #264 Washington, DC 200360-4504. It might help you understand of how the current budget process work. .The house does propose a budget that is promptly ignored by the senate (Five are last counting are sitting the Senate awaiting Senate action. The Left wing Senate bears some of that responsibility as five budgets are awaiting action. The Senate cannot get their act together to follow the presidents bidding.. As we are running the country on continuing resolutiions due to ineptness in the senate, We do what we must unless we break out the old high school books and leaern how it suposed to be done,
Dell January 11, 2013 at 04:26 AM
The House of Reps HAS passed a budget! 3 times! Harry Reid over in the Senate refuses to take it up. It is the Senate that has not passed a budget in almost 4 years now. This is so they can spend, spend, spend. They bear at least as much blame as Obama for this problem. Although Obama's budget proposals have been so ridiculous in their over-the-top spending that even the Democrats in the Senate have unanimously voted against them. At least he made a proposal, though late most of the time. And yes, Republicans over the years have added their own favorite bits of spending. Rank and file Republicans and conservatives have tried to get the politicians to stop spending away our childrens' future with only modest success. Think about this: our debt is now 16.4 TRILLION, dwarfed only by our unfunded liabilities which are over 100 TRILLION! It's unconscionable and almost overwhelming to think what we are doing to our kids! Cut Spending Now! Tax increases cannot raise enough revenue, especially since there comes a point where they actually decrease revenue due to resulting low economic growth (killing the golden goose).
Karen Goff January 12, 2013 at 01:52 PM
Mr. Kenny - your last comment was deleted for violating our terms of service.
Bob Bruhns January 12, 2013 at 03:49 PM
I submit that this blame game continues to be nothing but a smokescreen. Both parties are handing us these deficits now, and both parties have done so for generations. The sad fact is that the deficit is nothing but a talking point and a political football to these people. I ask this: where are the local anti-deficit people, when the largest construction project - not only in this region, but in the entire country - is double priced, and involves such debt that our grandchildren will still be paying for it in 2048. (Hint - the answer is "whistling and looking the other way.") Local Republicans, even Tea Party Republicans, are perfectly happy with massive overspending here in Northern Virginia. And local Democrats are even worse. Neither of these groups have the answer that this region needs - but people seem to enjoy their back and forth finger pointing games, as they work together to rob us all blind. Do a web search on ' The excessive pricing of the Dulles Rail - Silver Line Metrorail project ', and you can read about the double price. Do another web search on ' Summary - MWAA's Weak Policies and Procedures Have Led to Questionable Procurement Practices, Mismanagement, and a Lack of Overall Accountability ' and you can read a US DOT report about the genuinely massive theft that our so-called 'leaders' are deliberately ignoring.


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