Restaurant Inspections: Uno, Five Guy's, Schools and More

Recent inspection reports from local restaurants and food vendors.

You may want to know how area restaurants performed in their last Virginia Department of Health inspection. 

Restaurants in the Commonwealth are inspected between one and four times a year. There are two types of violations: Critical and non-critical. What's the difference? Critical violations, unless corrected, can contribute to "food contamination, illness or environmental degradation," according to the state health department. 

Non-critical violations are not as severe, but can lead to critical violations if not corrected. 

How It Works

Click on the business name for the complete inspection report. Clicking here will bring you to VDH's web page where you can find detailed information on any of the restaurants listed below.

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Other recent restaurant inspections.

Name Location Date No. of Critical Violations Battlefield High School  15000 Graduation Dr   17-Jan-2013 0 Buffalo Philly's  13748 Smoketown Rd   17-Jan-2013 0 Casa Blanca Restaurant  7911 Centreville Rd   17-Jan-2013 2 China Express  13752 Smoketown Rd   17-Jan-2013 0 Regency Clubhouse at Dominion Valley  15351 Championship Dr   17-Jan-2013 1 Cedar Point Elementary School  12601 Braemar Pkwy   16-Jan-2013 1 Gourmet Taste  13428 Jefferson Davis Hwy   16-Jan-2013 1 Lin's China Bistro  10270 Bristow Center Dr   16-Jan-2013 4 Margarita Restaurant  13986 Jefferson Davis Hwy   16-Jan-2013 0 Ricos Tacos Moya Restaurant  13948 Jefferson Davis Hwy   16-Jan-2013 3 Uno Chicago Grill  10701 Bulloch Dr   15-Jan-2013 0 Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar  3300 Pine Bluff Dr   15-Jan-2013 0 Asian Garden  5451 Merchants View Sq   15-Jan-2013 6 Five Guys Famous Burgers & Fries  10972 Bulloch Dr   15-Jan-2013 0 Jangko Japanese Restaurant  13658 Jefferson Davis Hwy   15-Jan-2013 0 Montclair Family Restaurant  17001 Dumfries Rd   15-Jan-2013 3 Ronald Reagan Middle School (Formerly called Silver Lake Middle School)  15801 Tanning House Place   15-Jan-2013 1 Shanghai Cafe  12760 Darby Brooke Ct   15-Jan-2013 2 Taco Mexico  13670 Jefferson Davis Hwy   15-Jan-2013 0 China Jade  7519 Linton Hall Rd   14-Jan-2013 4 Denny's Restaurant  8201 Sudley Rd   14-Jan-2013 0 Ariana Afghan Restaurant  4182 Dale Blvd   14-Jan-2013 0 Blue Pearl Buffet Hibachi & Grill  14425 New Bedford Way   14-Jan-2013 2 Bull Run Middle School  6308 Catharpin Rd   14-Jan-2013 0 Chick-Fil-A  10677 Sudley Manor Dr   14-Jan-2013 0 Fitzgerald Elementary  15500 Benita Fitzgerald   14-Jan-2013 0 Little Lambs Day Care  14514 Telegraph Rd   14-Jan-2013 0 Little Taipei  1968 Daniel Stuart Sq   14-Jan-2013 2

Parent January 28, 2013 at 10:31 PM
I would assume that the inspections are not announced based on some of the findings. I like the fact that PW and Fairfax do these inspections, now if we can get the USDA to improve their inspections.
Roger January 30, 2013 at 05:57 AM
Sharon, years ago, the inspections were a known occurrence. You knew that the health department was coming on a certain day, weeks were spent on cleaning everything to make sure that you passed. I sure hope, and would love to know if surprise inspections ARE to be expected.


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