NOVEC Officials Say Prepare for Extra Snowy Winter

This week's snowfall could only be a sample of what is to come.

Wednesday's dusting of snow is apparently only a sampling of what is to come this winter.

AccuWeather and the Farmers’ Almanac have predicted an extra snowy winter for Northern Virginia and the East Coast, according to Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC)

Last winter's snow drought will be followed by significant amounts of snow this winter, according to AccuWeather.com.

 Major Interstate 95 cities such as New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. will see above average amounts of snowfall, according to AccuWeather info.

The Farmers’ Almanac concurs: “The eastern half of the country will see plenty of cold and snow.”

Keep your house warm by stopping air leaks with caulking and weatherstripping, which ideally should be done when the temperature outside is above 40 degrees, said Bob Cornwell of NOVEC's energy services department.

Air leakage in a typical house can account for 35 percent of its annual energy consumption, Cornwell added.

Learn more about saving energy at NOVEC's Home Energy Suite at novec.com/homeenergysuite.

NOVEC's Winter Energy-Saving Tips:

  • Remove old caulk from windows, doors and fireplace hearths.  Follow-up with a new application of silicone or latex caulk with a caulking gun.
  • Spray expandable foam around pipes, wires, and vents that lead ouside.
  • Install rolled or loose R38-R60 insulation between attic joists.
  • Install unfaced R19 insulation batting the house space, if it is accessible in the crawl space.
  • Insert foam rubber insulation pads under wall outlets and switch covers.
  • Wash windows to let the sun’s warmth help heat the house and close curtains and blinds  at night to help keep warm air indoors. 
  • Cover windows with plastic available at hardware and home stores as an extra wind barrier.
  •  Adhere weatherstripping around drafty exterior doors and attach insulating door sweeps to help block cold air from penetrating under the threshold. 
  • Keep garage doors closed most of the time if the garage is attached to the house.
  • Set the furnace thermostat at 68 degrees or lower.
  • Replace heating-system filters monthly. 
  • Close the fireplace doors when the fireplace isn't in use. An open fireplace without glass doors draws heated indoor air up the flue.


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