Manassas Park Mayor Answers Elections Questions

Mayor Frank Jones talks about his re-election, the election of a new council member and the departure of a current one.

Patch: What is your reaction to your re-election?

 Mayor: I am greatly appreciative of the willingness of the citizens of Manassas Park to allow me to continue to serve— I want to thank all who voted for me.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, as we move the city forward.  I am greatful for the ability to be involved.  I am also pleased and proud to represent Manassas Park in events and meetings with our Northern Virginia neighbors.  I am proud of our city and want others to have an opportunity to get to know us.

Patch: What is your reaction to the defeat of former mayor and current Councilman William "Bill" Treuting?

Mayor: I have worked with Bill Treuting for many years, and eight and half years ago succeeded him as mayor.  He has always had the best interest of the city at heart, and I know he will miss being a member of the council.  I hope that he considers other options and continues to servie the city in other capacities, as we have boards, committees and commissions that are always looking for good members.

 Patch: What are your thoughts on the re-election of Vice Mayor Bryan Polk and Councilman Keith Miller?

Mayor: I am pleased to have the opportunity to continue to work with these gentlemen.  I beleive we share a common focus and purpose, and more importantly, a common vision for the city.  Manassas Park is in the midst of significant change—consistency of vision and a focus on measured progress is crucial to the city's future. 

 Patch: What are your thoughts on the election of Jeanette Rishell to council?

Mayor: I have known Jeanette for a number of years, and look forward to working with her.  I look forward to the different perspective that she will bring to the governing body.  While I do not wish to diminish anyone's length of service to our community, infusion of new thoughts and approaches to the challenges of government are always helpful to ensure we are doing things right— efficiently, effectively and with the citizens' best interests at heart.  I know that during her campaign, Jeanette spent many hours visiting with our citizens as she traveled the city. I look forward to her bringing the messages she received from the citizens to the council table.

 Patch: What are your feelings about the outcome of the U.S. presidential election?

 Mayor: As much as I love working on local issues, I truly appreciate those who aspire to higher office, and all the personal commitment that it requires.

I appreciate all the sacrifice that running a prolonged national campaign requires.  I am not surprised by the outcome— I can only hope that now government can focus on solving the looming fiscal crisis that will be precipitated by sequestration if swift action is not taken, and an effective compromise is not reached.

The election is over—either side of the partisan argument can infer any meaning it desires from the election outcome.  However they must all realize that the continued stalemate will create immeasurable harm to an already vulnerable, fragile economy—locally, the potential impact is nothing short of devastating if the statutory reductions are allowed to happen.  So I am really pleased the election is over—now the really hard work begins, and the clock is ticking...

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