Manassas “Cupcakery” Puts Unique Spin on Girl Scout Cookies

Confections of Manassas sells Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mint cookie cupcakes.

Manassas baker Laura Brletic is putting her own spin on the Girl Scout cookie craze and the masses are eating it up—literally.

Confections bakery or rather, “cupcakery” is serving up Samoas, Thin Mint and Tagalong cupcakes this month and isn’t stopping until they run out.

The insanely popular cupcakes are made by what Brletic calls “enhancing” her existing recipes.

For example, the thin mint cupcakes are made from her basic chocolate cupcake batter with a little mint extract, while the Tagalong cupcakes are a variation of her peanut butter cupcake recipe.

Both have cookie crumble baked into the batter, she said.

What's your favorite Confections cupcake? Tell us in the comments.

When asked about her decision to make cupcakes out of just those three, Brletic said it’s because those cookies are her personal favorites.

“I do not make anything as a cupcake that I do not love,” she said. “A shortbread cupcake seems very plain to me. I will probably never make that into a cupcake.”

Brletic said Confections is a big supporter of the Girl Scouts; several troops have toured Confections and decorated cupcakes there to earn cupcake badges.

Confections has been in business since 2010, but the Girl Scout cookie cupcakes came about last year.

“Last year it was a really big hit,” she said. “This year it is even more popular. I’ve purchased 100 boxes from Girl Scouts and I’ll probably have to buy more … I can easily post on Facebook and I’ll have Girl Scouts who would gladly sell me more.”

She’s thinking of freezing a few boxes so she can make the cupcakes later in the year.

“Brides come in and want (Girl Scout) cupcakes for their wedding,” she said. “So I’ll freeze a few boxes so I can make it for their wedding in October.”

"Baskin-Robbins of Cupcakes"

Brletic started out baking cupcakes as a hobby in her Woodbridge home about five years ago.

“I had quite a little following,” she said.

The home business grew into a store front with 19 employees who bake some 1,500 cupcakes a day.

She’s still doing the math, but she thinks 500,000 cupcakes were sold in 2012,  she said.

The store has about 26 flavors a day and tries to have small quantities of each flavor so she can have more of a selection for her patrons.

“We are the Baskin-Robbins of cupcakes,” she said.

That is apparently a good business model; she has customers who come in two or three times a week.

The Confections delivery service is also very popular.

“It’s just like ordering a pizza; we can’t have it to you in 15 minutes, but if you call us around noon and want a delivery at 4 (p.m.) we can probably make that happen,” Brletic said.

Custom orders and large quantities may require a little more notice, but the staff is happy to work with the customer to get the order filled.

The minimum order is a dozen and the delivery charge is just $5 within a 10-mile radius and $20 outside of that zone, she said.

“We actually deliver to DC a lot,” she said. “I do want to expand, but I’ll probably do it in Woodbridge. I’m born and raised in Woodbridge.”

The Hoadly Road store would still be the primary location, she said.

And she’s even thinking about a cupcake truck.

“Instead of an ice cream truck coming through your neighborhood, they’ll be a cupcake truck,” she said.

What's your favorite Confections cupcake? Tell us in the comments.

brachch February 26, 2013 at 01:07 PM
I am a Cookie Mom. Would be happy to fulfill your cookie needs!
Stephanie P April 30, 2013 at 11:17 PM
I need cookies!!!!
Stephanie P April 30, 2013 at 11:18 PM
How can I contact you? I need samoas!!!


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