The 12th Day of Christmas: The Day of Epiphany

So, just how much would all the gifts mentioned in the song, 12 Days of Christmas, cost?

The 12th Day of Christmas marks the Day of Epiphany and end of Yuletide. 

The Day of Epiphany which is also known as Theophany, Three Kings Day and El Dia de los Tres Reyes—is a Christian celebration of the revelation of the birth of Jesus to the wider world, according to a Huffington Post article.

According to the song, 12 Days of Christmas, 12 drummers drumming was the gift of the day, thus continuing the  entertainment theme. 

The last four verses are often altered in other variations, so it is not uncommon to hear people instead sing, 12 bells-a-ringing, 12 lords-a-leaping, or 12 ladies dancing.

Some religious interpretations of the song point to the 12 lords being symbolic of the 12 points of the Apostles’ Creed.

Hopefully, the true love appreciated all these gifts, which are quite lavish by modern and 19th century standards. 

According to PNC Bank, the 2011 cost for all the gifts would be around $24,263.18.

This is nearly double what it was in 1984, when the bank started calculating the cumulative costs of the gifts. Twenty-seven years ago, the gifts would have costed $12,623.10.


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