Manassas Park's July 4 Fireworks Show Goes Off Without a Hitch

The annual fireworks display almost didn't happen this year, as city officials considering canceling the show to save money.

Thousands of Manassas Park, Manassas and Prince William County residents gathered outdoors to observe the city of Manassas Park's annual fireworks display Monday evening at . 

At dusk and well before the show started, spectators relaxed into lawn chairs on the edge of the Osbourn Park High School campus on Euclid Avenue to see the show. 

Others preferred to stand along Conner Drive just inside city limits to enjoy the view, while City Center residents fortunate enough to have apartments facing East rushed to their balconies to watch.

Almost as soon as the Sun's rays left the sky, they were replaced by the bright colors emitted by the fireworks display. 

In March, city officials considered not having a fireworks show at all this year because of the city's $1.5 million budget shortfall.

Not having the show was projected to save the city some $28,000, Manassas Park city manager Jim Zumwalt told the governing body in March during his proposed budget presentation.

The fireworks supplies alone cost about $15,000, he said.

Council eventually decided against canceling the show.






A short film of the Monday's Fourth of July Fireworks as seen from City Center Apartments on Manassas Drive. The fireworks show is an annual event paid for by the city of Manassas Park. 

This year's show was on the chopping block during budget season, as city officials surmised that not having the $28,000 show would save the city money and help with its


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