Most Popular Pet Names in 2012

The top male and female dog and cat names in 2012 are the same.

Was a four-legged friend one of your presents this holiday season?

Pop-culture references and names that remind us that pets are really part of the family are among the top trends in names of puppies and kittens, according to an analysis of names of dogs and names of cats born in 2012 by VetStreet.com.

Fun fact: The top cat and dog names are exactly the same—Bella and Max.

Top Dog Names in 2012

The top female dog name is Bella. That has been the top female dog name since 2006—just after the Twilight book series debuted. The top male dog name: Max, for the seventh straight year.

Rounding out the top five female dog names: Daisy came in second, followed by Lucy, Molly and Lola. The top male dog names (after Max) are: Buddy, Charlie, Rocky and Cooper.

Top Cat Names in 2012

Like dog names, pop culture and common human names are popular for felines. Also on the top five list for female felines: Kitty, Lucy, Chloe and Luna. The top five male names: Max, Oliver, Tiger, Simba and Charlie.

Adopt a Pet in Need

Still looking for a furry friend?

Patch has a partnership with Mutts Matter, a rescue group in the area that matches dogs with loving homes.

You should also check out the Prince William County Animal Shelter, at 14807 Bristow Road in Manassas. The shelter's phone number is (703) 792-6465. 


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